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Small Fluffy Dog Breeds Under 10 Pounds

Here are three of the lightest and fluffiest dog breeds in the world. All the small fluffy dog breeds under 10 pounds stay small even when a fully grown adult.

They are a few drawbacks to having small fluffy dogs, this is the fact that they shed a lot of fur. However if you are looking for the cutest small dogs ever, then these are the ones for you.

List of Small Fluffy Dog Breeds Under 10 Pounds

The Pomeranian is not only the fluffiest small dog breed in the world it is the lightest small dog breed too.

These little dogs weigh just 5.5 lbs at their maximum weight as a fully grown adult, these dogs are tiny even when fully grown.

Because this dog is really fluffy they have high grooming demands, they need brushing every day to stop mats from forming.

There is another draw back to their fluffiness, yes they look cute but boy do they shed a hell of a lot of fur.

If you are allergic to dogs or do not want clumps of dog fur all over your home and furniture this is not the breed for you.

There is another drawback to this tiny little dog, they are known for barking a hell of a lot, an experienced dog handler might do well with this breed in order to train them to not bark as much.

These little fellows have medium exercise requirements, all in all I would put this dog down as a high maintenance dog.

The Maltese is another small fluffy dog breeds under 10 pounds, being fluffy it does shed, but not as much as you would expect a fluffy dog like this to shed.

This is another small dog that I would consider to be high maintenance, it's fur needs daily grooming, as you would expect for such a fluffy little dog.

These small fluffy dogs weigh just 6.5 lb at their maximum weight as a fully grown adult, well under 10 pounds.

They are considered to be good family dogs, they are known for being good around children and other pets like cats and birds.

Staying on a positive note these dogs can make good little watchdogs, however, they are not the easiest to house train.

If you do want one of these fluffy little dogs you really do need to have lots of time available to take care of their daily grooming needs.

The Japanese Chin weighs just 9 lbs when fully grown as an adult, if you are looking for a really fluffy friendly little dog this is it.

However, being so fluffy they do shed a lot of fur and have daily grooming demands, if you are okay with this then you will love this small dog breed.

Unlike the other two small dogs the Chin is fairly low maintenance where exercise is required, just 1 or 2 short walks is enough to keep them happy and content.

These friendly little dogs are good with children and small animals, they even get along well with unknown dogs.

The only negative with this breed is that they could well be troublesome to house train, if you are an inexperienced dog owner this could be a problem.

Because these dogs have short noses, yes they look cute, however it means they have breathing difficulties in hot weather and it makes them snore too.

A gentle person that has lots of time available for the dogs daily grooming needs who is very patient would be the perfect owner of this breed.

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