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Most Clever Small Dogs - Trainable

The 3 small dogs listed below are clever small dogs that are very trainable. You will find these dogs super easy to house train.

These clever small dogs are super perceptive and will pick up on your commands really fast, training is a breeze with these breeds and will pick up tricks in quick time.

Top 3 Most Clever Small Dogs

The Yorkshire Terrier is a very intelligent little dog and is rather lively around the home in their young age, as they get older this will change.

These small dogs are known to make great watchdogs and are a good family dog, however I would not recommend them to be around young children because they can be a bit nippy.

All dogs should not be left alone unsupervised with young children anyway. After all this is still an animal, and who knows what goes on in their tiny minds.

This is quite a low maintenance dog with regards to exercise, one short walk each day will keep them happy. The Yorkshire terrier will burn up most of their energy while at home playing.

Their coat will need to be groomed on a weekly basis to stop mats from forming, nothing too strenuous here then.

Like I said these are not suited to families with young children, because they are so small they could get injured during boisterous play.

I would say that they will be okay around children aged 6 years and up, or if they are at an age where they understand how to handle this delicate little dog.

The Poodle is another trainable small dog breed that is rather a quick learner. I think these guys have a great character and look too.

Because these little dogs are so clever training them is required and should be a part of their daily routine.

You need to keep the poodle active through learning, this way they will be happy and not become bored and naughty around the home by being a little destructive, chewing etc.

I would say that they are not exactly the cheapest small dog breed to own or low maintenance. They will require regular visits to the groomers to keep their fur coat in a top healtht condition, which could become quite expensive.

Is the Poodle a good family dog? Well they are great around kids of all ages but may need time to get used to unknown dogs and other pets that you might have in the house.

If you are looking for a low maintenance small dog breed then you should stay away from this breed, they do demand a lot of your time that's for sure.

The Brussels Griffon is another intelligent little dog that is easy to train. They are known to be a little stubborn though, which is why they are third on the list.

These dogs are known to bark, and they will bark a lot, just about at every sound they hear unless trained not to do so. The good news is that they are very clever, training them not to bark will be a breeze unlike most other small dog breeds.

These small dogs are known to bite when they get a little scared, probable not best suited to families with young children in them then.

It has been noted in books and on the net that some Brussels are not good around children of any age.

It is also well known that these small dogs get along well with other pets, including cats and other unknown dogs.

All of these dog breeds can be taught tricks with ease, you can teach them to sit, lie down, come, stay, roll over and all sorts of other commands.

To find out if any of these small dog breeds are the right match for you and your family check out, every small dog breed has been profiled and registered over there.