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Best Small Dogs

All About Small Dog Breeds!

5 dumb ass tips how to choose a dog under 30 pounds

1. Do not choose a breed on looks alone. Yes, choose a dog that looks cute as a starting point but if the characteristics don't match, move on. You can view all the dog breeds under 30 pounds with pictures by clicking here.

2. Now find a dog that fits you and your family. By this I mean you have to ask yourself a few questions. Do you have kids? Do you have lots of spare time for walks and grooming? Are you allergic to certain breeds?

3. When you have found a breed that fits you need to find a dog. Look at re-homing dog shelters and breeders in your area. If you choose a breeder, do your research, of course there are good and very bad breeders out there. Not doing your research could be a costly mistake.

4. When you go to a breeder or a re-homing centre do not take your children with you on the first visit. This is a very bad idea, why I hear you ask? Well children will pester you and will force you into making an un judged error, kids will want to come home with a dog on the first visit. Choosing a dog needs to be done carefully over time.

5. Spend some time alone with the dog before you take it home. Ask the breeder or re-homing centre if you can take the dog on a walk alone. Get to know the dog first, you can reserve dogs with breeders and centres, do this and visit the dog everyday until you are certain that it is the right dog for you and your family.

Popular small dog breeds to get you started

Easy to train: The Toy Poodle weighs between 14 and 16 pounds when fully grown and is one very intelligent little dog.

If you want a dog that is going to be easy to house train and even teach tricks to then this is most definitely the breed for you.

Low shedding: Some dogs shed a hell of a lot of fur, which you might not take too kindly to finding all over the house every day.

One dog that does not shed any fur at all whatsoever is the Yorkshire Terrier, these are the perfect small dogs for allergy sufferers and they are small too weighing well under 30 pounds at just 8 pounds as a fully grown adult.

Good watchdog: some little dogs are really protective of their owners and their house, if this is the type of dog you require then the American Eskimo Dog could be for you.

You have to be careful getting a watchdog, the breeds that make good watchdogs tend to be excessive barkers.

Exercise: some breeds have really high energy levels and will demand a lot of your time, will require regular daily walks and play at home.

A high energy dog would be the Beagle, a dog that would be less demanding in this department would be the French Bulldog.

Good with children: some breeds are okay and will tolerate children. Be careful with dogs under 30 pounds because they can easily get injured during boisterous play with kids.

A small dog breed that is good around children would be the Pug, this is one very friendly dog and it is not as delicate as some of the other small dog breeds out there.

Small pets: some small dog breeds have high chase and an extremely high chase instincts and will run after small pets including cats and may injure them.

A dog under 30 pounds that is good around other pets like birds and hamsters would be the Maltese dog.

Other dogs: Some dogs are problematic around unknown dogs in the street and will want to fight them or just constantly bark at them.

A dog breed that gets along well with other unknown dogs is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Strangers: some little dogs will be vary wary of strangers and some are shy around them, like the Shetland Sheep dog.

If you want a dog that is friendly towards strangers then the breed for you is the Bichon Frise, this is one very friendly little dog indeed.

Best family dog: some dogs are just brilliant around the whole family and will not get attached to one particular family member.

A good choice family dog under 30 pounds would be the Havanese, these dogs don't get possessive over their things and are not territorial.

Grooming: some dogs need to be groomed everyday without fail, which as you would expect can be very time consuming.

A dog that needs grooming every day is the Pomeranian, a low maintenance dog as far as grooming is concerned would be the Italian Greyhound.

Video of all dogs under 30 pounds

The dogs above should get you started and on your way to choosing a dog that is perfect for you and your family. Watch the video to take a look at all the dog breeds under 30 pounds.