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Best Small Dogs For Young Children

Some small dog breeds should definitely not be around young children ever. Below are the best small dogs for young children.

You should still be aware that no dog, no matter how good they are around children should ever be left along with them unsupervised.

The Pug is a small dog breed that is superb around children, even young children. If you are a family that has just had a baby then these dogs are perfect. I will tell you why, this is a lazy breed.

When you have young children in the family you have limited time, right? So you need to get yourself a dog that has low exercise requirements.

Getting a dog that has high energy levels when you are limited on time can lead to all sorts of problems. Some dogs will get mischievous around the home that's for sure.

If you are not giving a dog with high energy enough exercise then they will look for things to do themselves, which could mean doing some naughty things too.

If you have young children you really need to have a dog that does not nip. This means you should stay away from the Yorkshire Terrier or the Beagle.

Some dogs do not like loud sounds and will get startled by kids during boisterous play, stay away from these breeds.

When you are choosing a small dog breed you need to understand that these are delicate little things, some are tougher than others. This means some can get injured during pay with children.

The Pug is quite strong, although lazy. I think it is the perfect dog for families with young children in them.

The Miniature Schnauzer is another breed that is a little tougher than some small dog breeds and will be okay with most boisterous play.

This breed loves to be around children and is good with kids of all ages making these cute little dogs the perfect family dog too.

This is probably one of these best small dog breeds period. I mean they are great with kids and are easy to house train too.

Not only that they are super low shedding, which means that even people with dog allergies might be okay with this breed not to mention that they will not leave fur all over your house.

These dogs are also well known for making really good watchdogs, will keep watch over your family too.

Only thing is with these dogs is that they have quite high energy levels and you do need to have some time spare to take them on at least 2 walks every day.

You really do have to have some spare time available to devote to this breed, they do require it. If you have just had a baby or have really young children then you might want to stay away from this breed.

However they are perfect for families with older children, say 4 years and up that get out a lot and want to take their dog with them Happy days.

The American Eskimo Dog is a great dog breed for families, they get along well with children of all ages.

You should be aware that this breed do have high energy levels, so probably not suited to families with babies.

They are good around younger children, however you do have to have the time to get rid of all their energy or they could become naughty around the home.

Some dogs you should definitely stay away from include the Affenpinscher and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, these little dogs love to nip and will get nippy with your children if they get excited.

Some breeds are so small that they can get injured during boisterous play, one of these breeds is the Poodle. The Poodle gets along well with kids of all ages but could well get injured when playing around children.

The American Eskimo Dog does shed quite a bit and has big white fluffy fur so might not be a good choice for allergy sufferers.

They are however considered to be fairly easy to train up around the house and are good with other pets including cats.

Hope this helps you find the perfect small dog breed for your family, you can find out more information on any of these small dog breeds over at